ServicesSPARKS addresses each individualís personal needs by providing an abundance of information, one-on-one support, group meetings and professional assistance.

  • Select individuals, professionally trained by Dr. Shoshana Bennett, operate our hotline, catering to the specific needs of women and their families.
  • A comprehensive network of well-known doctors, Ph.D.ís and therapists is readily available, offering their services at reduced fees.
  • To date, we have 150 PPD survivors who have been professionally trained as competent mentors. Their personal experiences enable them to empathize and understand, providing them with the necessary tools to handle the most challenging circumstances.
  • Our new Mom Support Groups and Parenting Classes, convene regularly. These groups provide a sense of security in numbers, as well as social integration.
  • Pre- and post-natal classes and seminars are available to offer support, information and practical advice.
  • Numerous Awareness Evenings and Events have been orchestrated in the past, with several more already in the planning stages.
  • Coming Soon! Classes on pre- and post-natal issues will be offered to individuals, prior to their marriage. Awareness is the most effective tool in preventing a full-blown PPD crisis.
  • An educational CD/DVD, focusing on the topic of PPD, is currently available, featuring the lectures of world renowned psychiatrist, Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, as well as Reb. Malkie Schick, a seasoned PPD survivor. Those suffering from PPD, as well as their husbands are sure to gain invaluable information and support from this enlightening and informative compilation.
  • Coming Soon! A Relaxation and Visualization CD guiding one through the steps necessary in establishing a relaxed sense of equilibrium. This is an essential tool in the healing process, as well as a day-to-day coping mechanism.
  • Awareness is the first step in the road to recovery. SPARKS provides you with literature containing crucial information on PMS/PMDD and PPD.
  • In select situations, we provide nightly meals for families who qualify for this service.

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