PPD - Postpartum Depression and related issues are nothing to be afraid or embarrassed about.
They are no one’s fault. They are not a sign of a weak personality. They are not a sign of mental illness either.
PPD is a temporary medical issue that can be quickly remedied with the proper support and intervention.

Some of the symptoms of Postpartum Depression may include:

Feeling Overwhelmed, Sad, Helpless

Feeling Guilty, Shameful

Anxiousness and or feeling Panicked

Excessive Worrying

Fatigue, Loss of appetite

Inability to sleep

Loss of interest in things you used to find pleasurable

Difficulty bonding with your baby

Feeling worthless

Thoughts of suicide

Our approach at SPARKS is to
look at each person as a whole unit.

We look at the hormonal, biochemical,
emotional, environmental
and spiritual health.

We use this to guide our clients to the

fastest and most beneficial
methods of healing.

The time of pregnancy and childbirth are an important time to take good care of your health.
The following are general tips for staying healthy.

Avoid making any big decisions during pregnancy

Create a good support system for yourself.
Good hormones are released when you feel supported.

Ensure that you get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Get on a healthy food plan.
Your body needs to be supported physically with healthy foods and nutrients.

Exercising regularly can help you stay healthy and feel your best.
Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins which relieve pain and give you overall positive feelings.

‘Tea-time is me-time’.
A mother needs time alone in order for her to rejuvenate and stay on balance.

SPARKS is not a crisis hotline and does not handle emergencies.
People in crisis should call their physicians, 911 or one of the crisis hotlines below.
Emergency Hotlines are available all the time.
It is very important that you reach out right now to find the help and
support you need to stay safe.
If you or someone you know is struggling with the above symptoms,
DO NOT SUFFER ALONE SPARKS HOTLINE 718.277.2757 In case of emergency
Click here